Principal’s Message


Chinese Academy is a private Grade 1 to 12 school jointly sponsored by International Chinese Academy Education Foundation and Confucius Hall of Hong Kong with the mission of providing quality education to nurture our future leaders.

Through our bilingual immersion, internationalized school-based curriculum, students will become proficient in English and Chinese which are the necessary language tools for them to develop an inquisitive mind, become motivated learners and build aspirations for lifelong learning. Students are encouraged to use effective learning strategies and engage in interactive and meaningful learning tasks to pursue their study by investigating, exploring, questioning and researching. Our differentiated approach caters to students with different learning styles, providing optimal challenge and support along their learning journey.

Character building is a key task of Chinese Academy. To build a harmonious society, Confucius believes in upholding humaneness (Rén) as one’s principles,
and educating by inspiring others through virtue (Dé). Through embedding values education based on Confucianism in our daily teaching and learning, students
will form the virtues of Rén, Yì, Lǐ, Zhì, Xìn, Xiào, Yǒng, Zhǒng (humaneness, righteousness, etiquette, wisdom, trustworthiness, lial piety, bravery and faithfulness). Our students’ development will also be enriched by building an understanding of and experiencing different cultures where they will form global perspectives in preparation for their roles as contributing citizens and leaders of the 21st century.

Situated in the prime site of Hong Kong, the state-of-the-art new campus
of Chinese Academy will be a vibrant academic hub where learning space
is purposely built, supported with the latest technology, for our inquiry-based education, where children transform wonders into knowledge with their love and care to the earth.

Please be Invited to join our next information session for more details about Chinese Academy. We look forward to giving you a personal welcome.


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